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About Us

The Mid-Hudson Tiger's Baseball program is an affordable, volunteer run organization that serves local athletes between the ages of nine and eighteen. We operate as a 501(c) 3 as a Member of the Amateur Athlete Union of the U.S. Inc. The Group Exemption Number of the Amateur Athletic Union is 1155.

The Tiger's program offers young athletes the opportunity to compete on a bigger stage and at a higher level, but is also designed to do more than teach baseball. Both on and off the field, we stress the importance of respect, commitment, and sportsmanship. On the field, we want our players to respect their opponents, coaches, and umpires. Off the field, we want them to respect themselves, their parents, teachers, families, and community.

Players who are part of this organization understand the time commitment. They are forced to balance academics with athletics. The discipline and time management skills learned though this experience will prepare these student athletes for the demands of life that lie ahead.

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